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2016 Small Business Majority at the White House in Washington, DC.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Above: Todd Trotter (left) answering questions about healthcare and small businesses.

Trotter Industries Invited To Washington D.C. For A Third Year In A Row To Tackle Top Issues Facing Small Business Employers

The 2016 Small Business Leadership Summit brought 150 small business leaders to the nation’s capital to ensure policymakers, industry experts, corporate leaders and the national media hear directly from our nation’s job creators on the most important issues facing small businesses today.

​With its theme, “Recognizing the Power of the Small Business Economy,” the Summit discussed the ways in which the small business case is misunderstood and too-often misrepresented by special interests, policymakers and other stakeholders. We brainstormed ways to make the real small business voice heard, while discussing how to provide resources to our nation’s entrepreneurs and advance smart, pragmatic policies that actually help small business.

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